Woodworking Application of Makita AF601 Finish Nailer

Makita AF601 finish nailer is undoubtedly one of the best 16-gauge pneumatic Finish Nailers. Professional woodworkers, homeowners, and DIYers love this nailer for its performance and versatile application. However, types of finish nailers complicate the actual application of one kind to another. So let’s find out the best use of Makita AF601 in woodworking.

Application of 16GA Pneumatic Finish Nailer

Typically a 16-gauge finish nailer is used for various tasks, including interior trim, baseboard, and crown. You can do stair risers with them, and they’re an excellent option to nail down tongue and groove flooring. Carpenters generally use them for trim work and 18GA Brad Nailer for delicate woodwork. If you’re primarily into trim work and don’t plan to buy multiple nail guns, the 16-gauge is probably the one gun you should have.

Woodwork with Makita AF601 16-Gauge Pneumatic Finish Nailer

Makita AF601 is the perfect 16-gauge finish nailer for thin wood, trim, and delicate molding. Smaller nailheads of AF601 create tiny holes on the work surface. But keep in mind it doesn’t have quite as much holding power required for thick wood. Area of use:

  • Base molding
  • Smaller bed moldings
  • Crown molding
  • Trim
  • Back bands
  • Flooring and other woodwork

The robust motor design of AF601 drives standard 16 gauge, straight finish nails from 1″ (25mm) to 2-1/2″ (64 mm) in length. As a result, this model is ideal for driving nails on softwood and thin surfaces. But the good news is many users reported successful fastening on oak, a hardwood, to drive 16 gauge nails. Our test results also indicate what other users have shared.

Makita AF601 16-Gauge Straight Finish Nailer with case
Makita AF601 16-Gauge Pneumatic Straight Finish Nailer

Tips for Best Performance out of Makita AF601

You can get your desired woodworking result from this tool by following a few rules of thumb. By the way, this rule is also valid for other pneumatic nail guns.

  1. Choose an air compressor that complies with the requirements of ANSI B19.3. Buy a compressor with much pressure and air output to assure cost-efficient operation.
  2. Use lower air pressure and set the deeper depth of drive for nail driving to prolong tool service life.
  3. Always use specified fastener size and collation. Handle nail strips and their box with care. Load nail strips carefully to avoid being out of shape and causing poor nail feed.
  4. Always check the tool for its overall condition and loose screws before operation. Tighten as required.
  5. Only use the tool on an intended work surface and avoid driving on hardwood and unproven woodworks.

Uses & Customer Review of Makita AF601

Customer Review

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