PORTER-CABLE FN250C Pneumatic 16-Gauge 2-1/2 in. Straight Finish Nailer Review: Low Maintenance, Long Life

Capable of driving 16-gauge “FN” style finish nails from 1″ to 2-1/2″ in length. This 3.85 lbs nailer comes with a maintenance-free motor and covered by three-year manufacturer’s warranty. Packaging includes safety glass, 1/4″ air fitting, 1000 finish nails, carrying case, belt hook and operating manual.

The Bottom Line: Lightweight, easy to load & use 16-gauge straight finish nailer kit. Perfect for base moulding, door and window trim, and just about anything else that requires fastening. Maintenance-free motor add reliability and internal piston catch deliver maximum power with long tool life. Tool-free depth-of-drive and jam release mechanism. Also includes a sequential trigger with lock off switch. Die-cast aluminum housing is lightweight but strong.
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Our Take 4.6

PORTER-CABLE FN250C Pneumatic 16-Gauge Straight Finish Nailer

Maintenance-free motor with internal piston catch ensure consistent max power on every shot. Ideal for finish applications including trim installation


70 – 120 PSI Corded-Pneumatic


100 16-gauge straight finish nails from 1-1/4 in. to 2 1/2 in.


3.85 lbs


3-Year Manufacturer’s warranty

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Pros & Cons


  • Maintenance-free motor utilizes a piston catch device that sits at the highest position in the cylinder to provide consistent max power on each shot
  • Sequential trigger with a lock off switch for operator safety
  • Tool free depth adjustment is located under the trigger with detent to prevent accidental movement
  • Straight magazine utilize a two-step easy loading system, load the nails into the rear of the magazine then slide the pusher back to engage the nails
  • Large window on the magazine gives clear indication of low nail
  • Jam release is tool free and designed to hold both sides of the door providing a consistent secure hold over the life of the nailer
  • Tool free adjustable exhaust keeps contaminants away from your work
  • Adjustable belt clip makes carrying the tool easy when not in use
  • Housing is made of strong and  lightweight die-cast aluminum, and it also has  special hardened driver blade


  • Large nose piece dont work well in heavy angle and tight corners. Makes it difficult to tell exactly where finish nail will hit
  • Do not have contact or bump firing option
  • Only works with FN style 16-gauge finish nails

Compare to Other Finish Nailer

Full Review

If you are looking for a solid 16-gauge pneumatic finish nailer with balanced feature and price then Porter-Cable FN250C would be in your top 2 list. You can use it in various indoor and outdoor home improvement project like trim, ceiling tiles, decorative trims, other finish nailer applications and get impressive results without professional help. Among 16-ga pneumatic finish nailers it’s not only a balanced nailer, but our pick for one of the premium choices in 16 ga pneumatic finish category.

FN250C 16-gauge finish nailer from Porter-Cable offers durability and convenience in a compact design at a price point where you do not expect very much from it. From the outside this lightweight nailer feels very good in hands and the inside a maintenance-free motor designed for long life with an internal piston catch that ensure consistent power. Tool-free depth-of-drive adjustment and jam release are just a few of the user friendly features, there are more . Safety lock off switch with sequential trigger is what you like to use at your home  and it also has an adjustable exhaust port that maintain a clean work surface and direct particulates away from the user.

The straight magazine of Porter-Cable FN250C support 16 GA FN style finish nails from 1 to 2-1/2 in. long. These are not regular 16 ga straight finish nails. FN style are made by few fastener brands and make sure you buy the right nails for it. Unlike most rear-loading magazine style found in other nailer, FN250C has a straight forward design. Load from rear and lock, you are ready for action. Also the large window on the magazine gives you clear idea when you need to refill thus prevent blank fire without having a dry-fire lock out feature.

You will find the sequential trigger with lock off switch a real handy feature when using the tool at home for cabinets, door framing, installing dashboards, window casing and other finish woodworking. It also has a contact safety located behind the driver guide for better visibility and removable non-marring nose tip to give your work surface a neat finish. Detents on the tool-free depth-of-drive adjustment lets you properly set depth of nail head on work surface while tool-free jam release mechanism will help to quickly remove nail.

Additionally the tool comes with integrated belt hook and rubber grip for improved comfort and ease of use. Belt hook can be rotated to either side of the tool based on user preference to accommodate left- or right- handed users. It also can be rotated out of the way when not in use. You may remove the belt hook from the tool, if it is not desired at all. However this will require appropriate hex wrench to remove the end cap screws from the end cap (S) of the tool. Last but not least tool-free adjustable exhaust channels also rotate 360-degree, so you can direct contaminants away from you.

Apart from all these visible features , the core feature of FN250C is inside the lightweight but strong die-cast aluminum housing. A maintenance-free motor, that is designed to last for long life. First the motor utilizes a new piston dual stack ring design. The outer ring is designed to rectangular shape for more surface contact and, lubricated with oil to reduce friction and the inner ring exerts force on the outer ring to keep a proper seal longer against the cylinder. Secondly the piston catch device holds the piston at the highest position in the cylinder to provide consistent max power on each shot.  Finally the head valve inside the motor also features a maintenance-free design, combination of these three mechanical design results a long life maintenance-free motor.

If you are considering buying a 16 ga pneumatic nailer, this product definitely will be in your shortlist. We really appreciate what this nailer offer as a whole. On top of these wonderful features, it also includes a great deal of accessories for your nailing task like safety glass, 1/4″ air fitting, 1000 finish nails, carrying case and operating manual. In addition you get three years warranty from Porter-Cable.

Uses & Customer Review of PORTER-CABLE FN250C

Customer Review

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